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Chief Technology Officer

Edinburgh, Scotland or Remote

Bikerbnb is an early-stage digital booking platform designed to connect motorcyclists with biker-friendly accommodation. We hope to hire a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with experience as a full stack developer to help scale our Ruby on Rails booking platform.

Bikerbnb’s vision is to serve riders globally as the one-stop platform for motorcycle travellers. It is also a community where riders can plan the trip of a lifetime, connect with likeminded hosts, join and share rides and support the world’s most beautiful riding destinations. Bikerbnb aims to be the world’s largest digital booking platform that features properties that only offer secure parking, drying facilities and access to nearby catering so riders can travel more easily and safely.

We are currently building a digital platform to help millions of motorcyclists across the world plan and book their next motorcycle adventure using a dynamic web and mobile application. We differentiate ourselves from competitors by expediting the time and effort it takes to find rider-approved housing in an over saturated marketplace. Our customers can relax knowing they have access to secure parking, drying facilities and the world’s best riding routes.

Bikerbnb’s 800+ accommodations are vetted to help users plan the trip of a lifetime through an online interface and search engine with just a few clicks. Our platform also aims to allow riders from across the world to network and share their experiences and unique stories that inspire us to ride the world with confidence. Bikerbnb also offers motorcycle hire, gear and leads the popular Highland Scramble events series every summer from its headquarters in Edinburgh and Inverness.

We are now positioned to grow our core team, expand our technical capacity and develop the next iteration of our platform. The company is searching for an exceptional individual to lead technical development of the Ruby-based booking platform and help realise bikerbnb’s global vision.

Ideally, you are a self-starter who can provide leadership, strategy and technical solutions across all aspects of the bikerbnb technology stack. You will be part of our core team and will work with bikerbnb’s Co-Founders to grow the RoR’s-based platform, implement new features, integrations and oversee day-to-day technical operations. You will be suitably experienced to contribute and dive into the codebase and conduct a broad and varied range of technical duties independently.

The CTO will fit the following description:

  • Full stack developer with qualifications in Ruby on Rails
  • Proven proficiency in Node, JavaScript, React and experience and or desire to learn how Sharetribe integrates with the bikerbnb tech stack to support its two-sided marketplace
  • Experience designing APIs, API-first web applications and or iCal integrations
  • Knowledge and working experience with backend databases, e.g., PostgreSQL, MySQL and or AWS services
  • Front-end PHP development using a modern CMS like WordPress
  • Strong knowledge of web authentication mechanisms and security threats
  • Relevant experience either working in a start-up, Fintech / Proptech / ecommerce or experience building a customer-facing product is a plus
  • Experience in software development – knowledge of system / information architecture, software design and programming
  • Interest in the technology, travel and tourism sector
  • Bonus points if you are a motorcyclist or have links to riding community

The CTO will excel in the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with bikerbnb’s Co-Founders to develop and implement a technology roadmap to help the booking platform scale globally
  • Lead technical development and management of bikerbnb’s ecommerce platform, mobile application and digital user experience
  • Maintain bikerbnb’s technical internal change capacity allowing it to carry out customisations and feature developments using both internal and external resources independent of previous suppliers
  • Ensure the existing version of bikerbnb’s booking platform (Sharetribe Go Community Edition) remains up-to-date and has a mechanism by which new versions of Sharetribe can be incorporated into the platform by internal or external resources in a straightforward manner
  • Develop and maintain features to allow calendar synchronisation across all major and relevant booking platforms
  • Oversee the day-to-day management of an Android and iOS mobile application to ensure an improved user experience
  • Conduct routine quality assurance tests and maintenance
  • Oversee secure application development and information security
  • Guarantee third-party vendor management and procurement as needed
  • Manage projects and technical talent/teams
  • Share knowledge of the current technologies and emerging trends

In addition to a full-time salary and executive management incentive scheme benefits like additional share options, we offer:

  • The chance to have a major impact on a growing and exciting start-up
  • Flexible working hours to suit you – we trust each other to find a working pattern that suits the team and our production pipeline
  • Opportunities to work remotely around the world (or from your bike / trail / road) as long as you can access Wi-Fi 😉
  • Full support for any side projects or self-development – we want to foster an ethos of self-development and support proactive learners to invest in their future
  • We can offer UK Skilled Worker visa sponsorship

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send a cover letter and CV to the Hiring Manager at info@bikerbnb.com.

Thank you for your interest in joining bikerbnb.

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