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Four special Bikerbnb guided motorcycle adventure tours across Spain featuring amazing accommodation, locally-sourced food and drink and some of the world's best riding


Experience A Life Changing Adventure in Spain

Catalunya Traverse

A five-day guided adventure experience on two wheels covering the best of Catalunya

Trails Traverse

A brand adventure ride from Bikerbnb emphasising some of the best off-roading in the Pyreneese


Catalunya Traverse: 30 September – 5 October 2024

Trails Traverse: 7 – 12 October 2024


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Catalunya Traverse

Five nights, six days, all-inclusive package
£ 2,375 per ticket
  • £2,850 for the single supplement package

Trails traverse

Mostly off-road across Catalunya
£ 1,900 per ticket
  • £2,375 for the single supplement package


About Bikerbnb's Iberian Scramble

Our Iberian Scramble guided motorcycle tours all start and finish in Barcelona, Spain. They cover approximately 800km over five days across a mix of tarmac and off-road sections. The Catalunya Traverse and Lassies Scramble Catalunya are approximately 80% on tarmac and 20% off-road whilst the Trails Traverse is mostly off-road once we get into the hills.

We kick off our rides at about 9:30am each morning and plan to return to our evening accommodation around 6:00pm with plenty of stops for coffee, lunch and off-the-bike experiences. Highlights of the trips include Costa Brava, the Pyrenees and Spanish wine country around Cardona.

Bikerbnb adventure tours take into account differing riding abilities – so if you have any concerns about the length of the trip, terrain or riding in a group – just drop a member of our team a message at and we’ll get you sorted. 

Bikerbnb prides itself on offering world-class accommodation that is not only incredibly relaxing, but provides the piece of mine that your motorcycle will be where you parked it when you return in the morning. All of our accommodation options across our tours feature secure parking, drying facilities and convenient locations next to some of the best roads in the country. 

During the Iberian Scramble, we will stay in the bustling metropolis of Barcelona, travel up the coast to the seaside resort of Tossa del Mar where riders will have the chance to swim and explore the coastal nightlife. Further into the hills, we’ll stay beside and even inside medieval castles in Besalu and Cardona before returning back to the capital. 

We offer two types of accommodation packages – shared or single. At checkout, please specify if you prefer the shared or single supplement and if you are traveling with another rider or partner we will be sure to put you together.  

Those familiar with Bikerbnb know that what we do off the bike is just as important as the riding. And moreover, we really pride ourselves in the quality of the food and drink served on all of adventure tours. It goes without saying that you won’t go hungry while travelling with Bikerbnb.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price of the Iberian Scramble. Meals feature local and seasonal ingredients and are prepared fresh for you. We will experience a taste of the country featuring the freshest seafood, cured meats, cheese and wine from rustic farms to boutique hotels across the country. 

If you have any special dietary preferences please just let us know and we’ll be sure to accommodate your request. 

Bikerbnb works with partners like Royal Enfield, Fuel Motorcycles, QuadLock, Rev’it! and many food and drink brands to support content marketing and product launches. We work with professionally trained photographers, filmmakers and drone pilots to capture snaps that you will print out and put up on your office walls. 

The Iberian Scramble is a supported ride. We will be followed by a support vehicle where you can safely store your luggage, gear and your motorcycle in the rare event a mechanical. 

A certified technician and trained first aid responders are present on all Bikerbnb adventure experiences.  If there is an incident involving you or your motorcycle, we will do as much as we can to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your holiday. 


We work with experienced motorcycle rental businesses in Barcelona. If you would like assistance booking a bike please let us know and we can point you to some qualified shops that offer motorcycles suitable for the Iberian Scramble. 

Please note, motorcycle rental is not included in the cost of the Iberian Scramble ticket. 


Catalonia Points of Interest


Tossa de Mar



Join us in Spain for the Unforgettable Scenery

The topography is ever-changing in Catalonia. Together we’ll travel from coastal beach towns to dizzying heights all within just a few hours. 

Enjoy the Best Locally-sourced Food and Drink

Refueling our guests each night is a ritual on The Iberian Scramble. We only serve the best locally-sourced foods. No man or woman will go hungry.

Relax After a Rewarding Ride in Bikerbnb-approved Accommodation

During the Iberian Scramble we will stay in beautiful hotels across Spain with access to pools, ensuite facilities, local nightlife and of course secure motorcycle parking all along some of the world’s best riding roads.

Can't join us in Spain? Want to plan your own trip? Check out our website to find a large range of motorcycle-friendly accommodation options.


"Wow!! What an amazing trip, start to finish the guys knocked this out the park. Well organised, amazing accommodations, great food and friendly people. Oh and the roads!!!! Never been on so many twisties. Just bloody fantastic all round. Looking forward to doing it again next year."
Iain Miller
"Had the pleasure of doing the Iberian Scramble with the Biker B&B lot. Great fun. Great roads great food fantastic accommodation. Thank you to the whole team. For such a lovely brilliant Iberian Scramble."
Charley Boorman
The Long Way Round, Down and Up
"Just back from their debut Iberian scramble all around Catalunya. The level of quality was out of this world, three course lunches and dinners, sea view hotels, actual castles, some of the best roads and company you could ask for. 100% recommended!"
Tom Hurley
Tom Hurley Custom Saddles

Iberian Scramble FAQ’s

No. We welcome all types of motorcycles. However there is some light off-roading in the Pyrenees. If dirt roads are not your cup of tea, we will get you down the trail by an alternative route. We do recommend riding or hiring a bike you don’t mind taking off-road and getting a bit muddy. 

Yes, the support vehicle is there for extra luggage, tools and to pickup any breakdowns and some emergency fuel just in case.

Food and soft drinks for breakfast, lunch and supper are included in the ticket price. Alcohol is not included. 

We strive to balance the best interests of our riders and the financial wellbeing of our small business. The following Cancellation Policies establishes clear timeframes to help ensure we are equipped to run a high-quality event and meet obligations to our partners, vendors and accommodation providers, while balancing any unexpected circumstances that may arise. We appreciate that sometimes circumstances outside of our control can necessitate last minute changes. If you do need to cancel your spot on the Highland Scramble or motorcycle rental, we would like to first offer you a credit of your booking fee (less the deposit and any ticket increases) toward a future reservation with us. If this is not possible, the following table outlines our official Cancellation Policy for the 2022 riding season. If you have any questions or concerns about cancelling or postponing your reservation, please make an enquiry with a member of staff by emailing us at

The Iberian Scramble features Bikerbnb’s unique motorcycle-friendly accommodation. During the ride we will stay in hand-picked accommodation that is secure and especially suited for motorcycle travelers. 

We try to price our trips fairly to accommodate different budgets. The Iberian Scramble takes a lot of consideration, planning, coordination and time! The knowledge and experience of the organisers is second to none and every detail is carefully collaborated. From unique locations, specialised kit, great food, support vehicle, insurance, content producers, chefs, and experienced staff, we offer an incredibly competitive product compared to other tour operators.

The route is designed to explore the best that Catalonia has to offer. We have planned a route that includes a variety of terrain. While some roads will be more challenging than others,  the ultimate goal is to go at your own pace and enjoy the beautiful scenes along the way. You may feel you want to push out of the comfort zone but we encourage you to ride to a level you feel safe and comfortable with. 

We aim to ride for around 200km per day, depending on the type of roads we take. On the smaller twisty roads, we will allocate more time to enjoy the scenery!  We anticipate each leg of the journey should approximate 5-6 hours of riding, with breaks in between for lunch and coffee. Evening meals are aimed to be served around 8:00pm.

Please do and shout from the roof tops! Each ride will be allocated a unique hashtag for sharing and following.

Unfortunately no, we can only offer accommodation, food and support to those who have paid in full for the tickets in advance.

The Iberian Scramble is not designed for the faint hearted. If weather conditions are abysmal then we will hold tight for a prolonged pitstop, however, we are not ‘the sunshine only’ club. Weather conditions that pose safety issues to our riders will be taken into account but the bottom line is, come fully prepared and hope for the best!

Everyone participating will be at different levels of riding ability. If you wish to go ahead or take your time, the route will be shared with you on a group chat. We will also send you the route in advance for you to study. The support vehicle is only a phone call away so don’t panic.

Our support vehicle will be there to help along the way. Equipped with tools and knowledge, we can assist with a roadside repair or pop the bike in the back. You can then be taken to the final destination of the day or taken to a local garage and check in somewhere, the choice is yours.

You will be responsible for paying for your own fuel and any additional refreshments along the way. You will also need to pay for alcohol. The rest is sorted by your Bikerbnb.

You’ll still need to purchase individual tickets to cover both of your accommodation and food costs. The tickets are sold per person, not per bike.

We have limited spaces on each scramble so we can only sell tickets for set dates. If you need to change a date, we will need to know in advance to see if we can accommodate you on a preferred date, but we cannot guarantee a spot.

Yes, please speak to a member of the team for more info by contacting

Email ths@bikerbnb with the date you would like to join in the subject line of your email. 

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