Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Bikerbnb Limited, t/a Highland and Iberian Scramble Adventure Tours

Registered Office: Reelig Wood Croft, Lentran, Inverness, IV3 8RN

General Terms applicable to both Rentals and Tours

1.2 Contract with Highland and Iberian Scramble Bike Tours and Motorcycle Rental

By entering this contract, you accept these Terms and Conditions as part of the binding contract between Bikerbnb Limited trading as The Highland Scramble / TIS (hereafter known as “BBNB / THS / TIS”) and you, the driver or passenger, (hereafter known as the “Customer”).

Acceptance of these terms can be in writing, by email, by electronic signature, by payment of deposit or ticking our Terms & Conditions Checkbox on one of our forms on our website.

These terms are subject to update and may change prior to commencement of the tour or rental. Updated terms are displayed on the bottom of each page on our website at

1.2.1 Hours of Business

Our hours of business are from 09:00hrs to 17:00hrs, Tuesday to Saturday. Sunday and Monday opening may be accommodated by prior arrangement in certain circumstances.

1.2.2 Party Leader

The person named on the quotation (“party leader”) must be authorised to make the booking on the basis of these Terms and Conditions by all persons named on the booking and by their parent or guardian for all party members who are under 18 when the booking is made. By paying the deposit, the party leader accepts these Terms and Conditions on behalf of all members of the party and confirms that he/she is so authorised to do so by all other members of the party. The party leader is responsible for all payments due to us and must be at least 18 when the booking is made.

1.2.3 Verbal Changes

Verbal changes of contract are invalid unless confirmed in writing by BBNB / THS / TIS. Should any parts of the Rental Terms & Conditions become invalid, this does not invalidate the remainder of the contract.

1.2.4 Photographic Material and Personal Information

Any photographic material produced by BBNB / THS / TIS or its representatives are the property of BBNB / THS / TIS. The copyright remains with BBNB / THS / TIS and BBNB / THS / TIS can use all of this material for advertising and marketing purposes without any charge from the Customer arising for BBNB / THS / TIS.

BBNB / THS / TIS will hold and use some of the Customer’s personal information in order to perform this contract with the Customer, eg: passing customer details to hotels and ferry companies for reservations. From time to time, BBNB / THS / TIS may make the Customer’s personal information available to statutory authorities, however your details will not be released to third parties without your prior opt in consent.

1.3 Customer Responsibilities

1.3.1 The Customer must comply with passport, visa, driving and health regulations and all consequences resulting from non-compliance shall be the Customer’s sole responsibility.

1.3.2 BBNB / THS / TIS strongly recommends that all Customers carry valid travel insurance.

1.3.3 The Customer must comply with national traffic laws and regulations.

1.3.4 It is compulsory for the rider and pillion to wear a motorcycle helmet while riding at all times. Customers can rent a good quality helmet that adheres to all British and Spanish legislative requirements. If the customer wishes to wear their own helmet, they should satisfy themselves that the helmet conforms with the requirements of British and Spanish law.

1.3.5 In addition to holding a valid motorcycle driving license, the Customer confirms that they have the relevant competence and experience to ride a motorcycle of the type they are renting.

1.3.6 We want you to enjoy a safe motorcycling experience with BBNB / THS / TIS, so Customers must ensure that they ride safely and sensibly and take extra precautions to account for riding conditions, especially if riding an unfamiliar model or on unfamiliar roads.

1.4 Cancellations, Refunds and Re-bookings

1.4.1 BBNB / THS / TIS is not required to make refunds once the rental or tour commences regardless of the reason for Customers being unable to complete his or her rental. BBNB / THS / TIS cannot be made liable for weather conditions and no refunds are made for such conditions.

1.4.2 BBNB / THS / TIS has the right not to enter into the rental agreement if the Customer:

Does not sign the Rental Terms and Conditions contract.

Does not provide an appropriate driving licence.

Does not authorise his credit card company for the damage deposit and the rental charges.

Failure to fulfil the above conditions gives BBNB / THS / TIS will result in the customer to forfeit deposits and payments as outlined in the Cancellation Terms clause.

1.4.3 Once the rental has commenced, BBNB / THS / TIS retains the right to terminate the agreement and without notice in case of:

  • Non-compliance with the Customer’s responsibilities;
  • Non-compliance of Customer with the insurance obligations;
  • Non-compliance of Customer with rental contract conditions;
  • Abuse of the motorcycle by the customer, e.g. burnouts, wheelies, etc.; and
  • Road Traffic Accident or damage to the motorcycle which renders it unsafe to ride.

1.4.4 In case of termination of the contract, BBNB / THS the customer is obliged to return the motorcycle immediately to BBNB / THS’s pick up location. If this is not possible, pick-up costs of £2 per mile, a £50 contract termination fee plus any required mechanical repairs to the motorcycle will be charged to the customer’s credit card.

1.4.5 Cancellation Terms

We strive to balance the best interests of our riders and the financial wellbeing of our small business. The following Cancellation Policies establishes clear timeframes to help ensure we are equipped to run a high-quality event and meet obligations to our partners, vendors and accommodation providers, while balancing any unexpected circumstances that may arise. We appreciate that sometimes circumstances outside of our control can necessitate last minute changes. If you do need to cancel your spot on The Highland Scramble, The Iberian Scramble or motorcycle rental, we would like to first offer you a credit of your booking fee (less the deposit and any ticket increases) toward a future reservation with us. If this is not possible, the following table outlines our official Cancellation Policy for the 2023 riding season. If you have any questions or concerns about cancelling or postponing your reservation, please make an enquiry with a member of staff by emailing us at

Cancellation and Refund Policy

More than 90 days before an event, but less than 30 days of making the initial 25% deposit to secure a space on The Highland Scramble
More than 90 days before an event, but more than 30 days after making a deposit to secure a space on The Highland Scramble
Between 89 and 60 days before the event*
Between 59 and 30 days before the event*
Less than 30 days before an event*
Terms and Conditions
Deposit and all other advance payments are fully refundable
The initial 25% deposit is now non refundable; all other advance payments are fully refundable
25% of total price plus initial 25% deposit is non refundable
50% of total price plus initial 25% deposit is non refundable
We are unable to provide a refund of the full booking balance or the initial deposit

Additional Cancellation Terms and Conditions

  • Bikerbnb requires a 25% deposit for all Highland and Iberian Scramble tours, motorcycle and gear rentals
  • If the balance of the tour price is not paid by the due date (60 days before tour commences), Bikerbnb reserves the right to cancel the tour and retain the deposit
  • The two week cooling off period must be observed by BBNB / THS / TIS

Cancellation Threshold for Riders Joining a Guided Tour

  • BBNB / THS / TIS reserves the right to cancel a guided tour and refund its customers the full deposit and balance if 50% or less of the tour occupancy figures are not met within three months of commencement of the event
  • BBNB / THS / TIS must provide formal notice via email within three months of the commencement of the event to all registered riders explaining the situation and how the funds will be returned 

1.5 Force Majeure

BBNB / THS / TIS will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the tour is provided in accordance with the tour proposal. Circumstances may occur which are beyond its control whereby this is not possible. Such circumstances may include (but are not limited to) war, threat of war, civil unrest, industrial dispute, unavoidable technical issues with transport, closure of ports, airports or other transport infrastructure, terrorism, fire, volcanic activity, flood or other adverse weather and natural or nuclear disaster. In the event of the occurrence of such circumstances no refund or compensation will be payable, and the tour may be cancelled or curtailed. Customers will be responsible for their own costs including meals, accommodation and transportation.

1.6 Pandemic and Outbreak Policy

It is our firm intention to ensure that we are able to operate all events planned for the 2023 riding season as far as safely and lawfully possible.  However, we will have to comply with any legal obligations in force at the relevant time for each event, and this may result in some level of disruption or interference with our planned operations.  This disruption may include:

  • Adjustments to sleeping arrangements and accommodations;
  • Changes to routes or destinations;
  • Restrictions in relation to dining arrangements;
  • Cancellation or modification of planned activities; or
  • Changing the dates of entire events, or cancelling them altogether.

We will only cancel or change the dates for events if we are not permitted to operate them as planned and there is no viable modification available.  Unless prohibited from doing so, in all other situations we will make every effort to operate booked events whilst minimising this disruption.

We will take sensible precautions during our events:

  • We will endeavour to keep individual households or group ‘bubbles’ together for the purpose of sleeping accommodations with a view to minimising the indoor exposure of multiple households;
  • We will strongly encourage the practice of additional hand washing throughout the events, especially around meal times;
  • We will place sanitising hand gel around all accommodation facilities and supply the same to participants during the daytime;
  • We will encourage the wearing of facemasks whilst indoors; and
  • We will discourage participants from all unnecessary direct contact, and from sharing items of clothing or equipment.

1.7 Personal Injury

1.7.1 BBNB / THS / TIS  or its agents will not be liable for any personal injury, death or illness however caused.

1.7.2 Customers must satisfy themselves that they are competent and have sufficient experience to ride the proposed motorcycle on the planned route.

1.7.3 Customers following guided tours must ride at their own pace and not attempt to follow the group or tour guide such that the Customer is riding outside of his/her capabilities.

1.7.4 Customers must obey the speed limits and at all times follow their own judgement as to safe riding routes.

1.7.5 Customers and their pillion passengers agree that they are doing so entirely at their own risk and they and their assignees will not take any claim against BBNB / THS / TIS  in respect of injury, death, loss or damage.

1.7.6 BBNB / THS / TIS’ liability for loss, damage or other financial penalty due to its acts will be limited to the contract price paid.

1.7 Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are subject to the Law of Scotland and the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of Scottish Courts.


These terms are in additional to the General Terms

2.1 Motorcycle Reservation

2.1.1 For any motorcycle reservation, a reservation deposit is required at the time of booking. The reservation deposit is 25% of the rental cost and secures the motorcycle.

2.1.2 The model of motorcycle will be as defined in the rental contract. The pictures and descriptions of the motorcycles on and any printed material issued by BBNB / THS / TIS are representative of the available motorcycles but are not necessarily the specific motorcycles that you may be offered due to supply chains challenges, breakdowns or other issues. BBNB / THS / TIS reserves the right to correct online and printing errors at any time.

2.1.3 BBNB / THS / TIS aims to ensure that Customers ride the motorcycle which they have booked. Unfortunately, unexpected and uncontrollable situations can arise which may require the substitution of a motorcycle. This includes, but is not limited to mechanical failure, collision damage and theft. If such a situation arises before rental, the Customer will be provided with a comparable replacement motorcycle. If a comparable replacement motorcycle is not available, the customer will have the option to terminate the contract and shall be entitled to a full refund.

2.2 Rental Agreement

2.2.1 Rental Period 

The Customer will have the motorcycle for the rental period specified in the rental contract. If the Customer does not return the motorcycle on time, he/she is breaching the conditions of the rental contract. BBNB / THS reserves the right to charge the full daily rental rate if the motorcycle is returned later than agreed on the rental contract.

2.2.2 Rental Rates Rental rates quoted by BBNB / THS on or printed materials are those in effect at time of writing. BBNB / THS / TIS will maintain rates for motorcycle rental as confirmed at time of booking.

2.2.3 Damage Deposit 

All Customers must have a valid credit card with a credit limit to cover the rental cost and pre authorised damage deposit at the time of collection of the motorcycle. Customers irrevocably authorize BBNB / THS / TIS to charge the credit card in respect of damage.

2.2.4 In the event of theft, keys of your rental motorcycle must be returned to BBNB / THS / TIS , otherwise the Customer is liable to pay for replacement of the motorcycle.

2.2.5 Riders liability to damage on the bike will only be limited to the waiver levels, providing that the rider has

  • supplied correct information at time of rental.
  • obeyed the rules of the Road Traffic Act of 1988.
  • adhered to conditions set out in Section “Customer Driver Requirements”

2.3 Motorcycle Hand-Over

2.3.1 The Customer and BBNB / THS / TIS will jointly check the condition of the motorcycle and tyres before signing the rental contract. Having accepted the condition of the motorcycle and tyres, the Customer cannot make BBNB / THS / TIS  liable for any damages resulting from a tyre puncture.

2.3.2 The Customer shall assume all fuel costs. The motorcycle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be returned full. A refuelling charge will apply unless returned with a full tank.

2.3.3 The rental includes normal tyre wear and tear. The rental does not cover abusive tyre treatment by the Customer.

2.3.4 Tyre punctures and the resulting costs are the responsibility of the Customer. Customers are provided with a roadside puncture repair kit and a puncture does not constitute a breakdown. Customers are responsible for the replacement cost of the tyre or tube and arranging roadside recovery if necessary.

2.3.5 The Customer agrees to return the motorcycle in the same condition, both in terms of its working condition and its overall appearance.

2.4 Customer Responsibility – rentals

2.4.1 To avoid theft, the Customer must keep the keys to the motorcycle in their possession at all times. The Customer shall leave the motorcycle only in secured parking areas and must use all security devices fitted to and supplied with the motorcycle.

2.4.2 The Customer must make sure to use the correct fuel and engine oil for the motorcycle. Damage incurred due to incorrect fuelling or engine oil will be the responsibility of the Customer and is not covered under the Collision Damage Waiver option.

2.4.3 The Customer must not sell, rent or dispose of the motorcycle or any of its parts.

2.4.4 The Customer must notify BBNB / THS / TIS  without delay when he/she becomes aware of a fault in the motorcycle, including any warning lights, before riding any further. The Customer must not, or allow any third party, carry out repairs or any mechanical work on the motorcycle without the permission of BBNB / THS / TIS . Where permission is granted, BBNB / THS / TIS  will only give the Customer a refund if the Customer has a valid receipt for the work. If the repair has damaged the motorcycle, all costs will be the expense of the Customer.

2.4.5 For rental periods over a week or 1,000 miles, the Customer shall conduct basic checks every 500 miles (i.e. oil & coolant level, tyre pressure, chain tension & grease).

2.5 Payment for Rental

2.5.1 BBNB / THS / TIS  will charge the Customer the total rental charge before the start of the rental period. Upon hand-over of the motorcycle, BBNB / THS / TIS  will ask for authority from the Customer’s credit card company for the damage deposit.

2.5.2 If the motorcycle is returned undamaged and no damage has been caused to anybody else’s property whilst renting the motorcycle, the damage deposit will not be charged to the Customer’s credit card.

2.6.3 If the motorcycle is returned damaged or with parts missing, the damage deposit shall be forfeited in part or in full by BBNB / THS / TIS  at its sole discretion. In addition, a £50 administration charge applies to all damages or missing parts to cover administration and fees.

2.6.4 The Customer agrees to pay BBNB / THS / TIS  the following:

The rental and any other agreed charges as may be offered by BBNB / THS / TIS  to the customer.

  • The amount of any loss or damage resulting from the Customer not keeping to his/her responsibilities.
  • All fines and court costs for parking, traffic or other offences. The Customer must pay the appropriate authority any fines and costs if and when the authority demands this payment. Outstanding charges will be deducted from your credit and an additional £50 administration fee per item will apply.
  • A schedule of current charges and administration fees relating to damage and loss of accessories and riding gear etc. is available at time of rental.
  • All legal fees or court costs incurred by BBNB / THS / TIS  in the collection of these charges.

2.7 Motorcycle Insurance

All rented motorcycles are insured for third party liability which is included in the rental contract. This insurance does not cover the rider or passenger for their personal injuries.

BBNB / THS / TIS strongly recommends that all Customers independently source adequate personal, accident and medical insurance valid in Scotland and the United Kingdom in respect of their own personal injury and that of their passengers.

For the Customer’s safety, BBNB / THS / TIS strongly recommends that suitable clothing such as motorcycle jackets, trousers, leathers, gloves, boots, etc. are worn. Motorcycle clothing is available for rent from BBNB / THS / TIS.

BBNB / THS / TIS is not liable to the Customer, pillion passengers, his property, his family, heirs or assigns for any damages arising from the acts of the Customer which might result in injury, death or other damage.

2.8 Customer Driver requirements

Customers riding the motorcycle must:

  • Be at least 24 years old and not more than 72 years of age (Exceptions to these ages will require prior approval from our insurers, please let us know).
  • Hold a full and valid motorcycle licence issued from any country within EU / USA / Canada/ Australia / New Zealand / South Africa/ Brazil / Argentina / Bolivia / Guatemala / Japan for at least 24 months (Exceptions to these countries will require prior approval from our insurers, please let us know).
  • Have ridden more than 1,500 miles in the past two years on a bike of similar performance to the chosen rental motorcycle.
  • The Customer must produce his/her current original driving licence before commencing a rental.
  • Provide correct information as otherwise in the event of damage to the motorcycle or a road traffic accident, you will lose your damage waiver cover and may be subject to prosecution.

2.9 Driver Exclusions

Any driver:

  • Who has been banned from driving in the past five years.
  • Who has more than two minor driving offences in the past three years.
  • Who has made more than one claim in the past three years.
  • Who has been convicted of any criminal offences which aren’t considered ‘spent’ or has any pending prosecutions.
  • Who has had insurance declined, voided or cancelled or special terms imposed.
  • BBNB / THS / TIS rental motorcycles shall be driven exclusively by the riders who appear on the rental contract. The motorcycle is non-transferable. It is valid only for the period and persons specified in the rental contract.

2.10 Riding Restrictions

The Customer must not:

  • Use the motorcycle for any illegal purpose.
  • Overload the motorcycle.
  • Use the motorcycle if he/she may reasonably be considered unfit to drive.
  • Use the motorcycle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Use the motorcycle for racing, speed testing or teaching to drive.
  • Use the motorcycle for hire or reward or carrying fare-paying passengers.
  • Use the motorcycle off-road or on racetracks.
  • Use the motorcycle to ride on sand, beaches or through seawater.

2.11 Theft, Accidents and Breakdown

In the case of the motorcycle’s theft or any non-cosmetic damage, the Customer agrees to inform BBNB / THS / TIS without delay and no later than 3 hours of the incident.

If the motorcycle is involved in an accident, the Customer must not admit responsibility. The Customer should get names and addresses of everyone involved including witnesses and if possible, take photographs of the scene. The Customer should also make the motorcycle secure and tell the police without delay if anyone is injured or if there is a disagreement over who is responsible.

The customer and pillion (if appropriate) will co-operate with any reasonable request from BBNB / THS / TIS or its insurers to provide statements and other information in respect of the accident when required at any time.

The Customer shall send BBNB / THS / TIS by registered mail a copy of the jointly filed accident report as well as a written declaration describing the circumstances of the accident and the identity of the parties involved in the accident.

BBNB / THS / TIS will provide a replacement motorcycle or arrange for repair in the event of a breakdown, caused through no fault of the customer. However, BBNB / THS / TIS will not provide a replacement motorcycle in the event of an accident or breakdown caused by the customer. Punctures do not constitute a breakdown.

An example of a breakdown caused by the customer may include incidents that bend or brake clutch, brake or gear levers, engine cases, wheels, exhaust components and other critical parts of the bike that prevent it from being considered road legal.  

Rental motorcycles come with breakdown cover. In the event of breakdown, the Customer agrees to inform BBNB / THS / TIS without delay and no later than 3 hours after the breakdown.

2.12 Additional Services

BBNB / THS / TIS provides rental equipment such as navigation systems, motorcycle luggage and helmets. Any missing or damaged equipment supplied by BBNB / THS / TIS to the Customer will be paid at current replacement value for by the Customer.

Rentals start and finish at BBNB / THS / TIS at our Saltire Motorcycles location.

2.13 Bike Shipping

If shipped through a third party, BBNB / THS / TIS is not responsible for any damage incurred to the bike or luggage during the transit or be held liable for any delays that impact their tour. Bikerbnb will charge an administration fee of £50 for faciliating shipping pick up and drop off.

2.14 Bike and Luggage Storage

BBNB / THS will not be held liable for any motorcycles or luggage stored at our premises. 

3.0 Tours – Specific Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all guided and unguided tours and, where the customer is renting a BBNB / THS / TIS motorcycle, are in addition to our normal General and Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions

3.1 Payment Terms – Packaged Holiday Tours

At the time of booking a tour, a deposit of 25% of the total tour package must be paid.

The balance of the tour price must be paid no later than 60 days before the tour commencement date or BBNB / THS / TIS reserves the right to cancel the space and keep the rider’s initial deposit.

3.2 Amendments

The customer may request amendments to the tour and BBNB / THS / TIS will use its reasonable efforts to accommodate such requests and will inform the customer of any additional costs or other changes to the tour which are required. Any such costs will be paid by the customer before the commencement of the tour. At BBNB / THS / TIS’ discretion, an administration fee of £50 per change will apply in addition to the associated cost, to a maximum of £300 per tour.

3.3 Accommodation

All accommodation provided will be provided in accordance with the tour proposal made by BBNB / THS / TIS to the customer and all other services and tour information will be set out on our website. From time to time, BBNB / THS / TIS may change accommodation locations due to unforeseen circumstances however we will use accommodation of similar quality. BBNB / THS / TIS will not be responsible or liable where aspects of the tour are not available due to the acts of its suppliers or due to mechanical breakdown or adverse weather conditions.

While BBNB / THS / TIS will endeavour to ensure that accommodation and restaurants which we have booked on the customers behalf are made aware of any special requirements, dietary or otherwise, customers must notify the establishments on arrival or when seated in restaurants to ensure that their requirements are observed.

3.4 Customers Riding own Motorcycle

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the Customer’s insurance is suitable, and adequate for your needs, including covering the use of your motorcycle on public roads in each and every country to be visited during the tour, breakdown cover, cost of cancellation of the tour by you, delay, curtailment, missed departure, legal expenses, assistance or repatriation in the event of accident or illness, natural disasters, industrial action, loss of baggage and valuables, and personal liability.

It is a condition of accepting your booking that you will have comprehensive breakdown cover for your motorcycle for the whole duration of the tour to cover any possible breakdowns and the repatriation of riders, their passengers and motorcycles. Customers must ensure that all breakdown insurance documentation is brought with them on the tour together with relevant telephone numbers. In the event of a breakdown, BBNB / THS / TIS will do what we reasonably can to assist, however tours will have to continue after reasonable steps have been taken to assist. While we will do what we can to help, if any rider and/or passenger must end or temporarily suspend their participation in a tour due to a motorcycle breakdown, no refund or other compensation shall be payable by us.

Terms are subject to revision

Version 1.2

 23 November 2022

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