Royal Enfield X The Highland Scramble Partnership Announcement

The Highland Scramble Partners with Royal Enfield

Curated adventures and motorcycle hire across the Scottish Highlands

A series of 10 adventures for the 2021 season, covering 10,000 miles of epic Scottish scenery

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Bikerbnb’s The Highland Scramble has partnered with Royal Enfield with a series of 10 adventures for the 2021 season, covering 10,000 miles of epic Scottish scenery.

Bikerbnb will be using Royal Enfield’s award-winning Interceptor 650 and Himalayan motorcycles, whose ease of handling, versatility and durability make them perfect for tackling the mix of big open roads and smaller windy lanes.

Edinburgh, 16 June 2021 Bikerbnb, the first-of-its kind travel platform offering motorcycle-friendly accommodation, guided motorcycle tours and bike hire from Edinburgh, Scotland has partnered with Royal Enfield to support the Highland Scramble events series.  Bikerbnb will be riding Royal Enfield’s award-winning Interceptor 650 and Himalayan motorcycles, whose ease of handling, versatility and durability make them perfect for riders looking to explore some of the best roads Scotland has to offer.

Bikerbnb piloted their popular events in 2019, featuring the signature Highland Scramble Traverse which starts and finishes in Edinburgh and takes riders on a route traversing the epic landmarks of Glencoe, Loch Lomond and Loch Ness. This season, each ride will be led by Bikerbnb on specially outfitted custom Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 scramblers. The grandeur of the scenery is complemented by local food which is often cooked fireside on a Big Green Egg, motorcycle-friendly accommodation and the conviviality of the fellow adventurers, all under the expert guidance of the Bikerbnb host team. 

Bikerbnb’s Highland Scramble adventures are nearly every other weekend from May through September.  The adventures have been designed by their expert team whose attitude towards motorcycling as a way of life has led them to build Bikerbnb’s main offering: an online booking platform featuring only motorcycle-friendly accommodation across the UK and Europe, a first in terms of a dedicated accommodation platform designed by bikers for bikers.  The team hopes to grow the platform over the coming years into new markets and countries through the partnership with Royal Enfield.

At the heart of Bikerbnb’s ethos is the desire to connect the motorcycling community with like-minded adventurers.  The Highland Scramble adventure series is a natural extension of this philosophy – a chance for like-minded individuals to connect with each other whilst enjoying an incredible experience in Scotland’s natural playground. 


The Bikerbnb Highland Scramble is divided into the following rides:

The Highland Scramble Traverse: A curated route showing the best of the Highlands crafted with local knowledge and expertise.  Five nights in motorcycle-friendly accommodation including one night of wild camping at a private loch. Breakfast and dinner are provided using local ingredients and cooked fireside on Big Green Egg BBQs. Professional photography and a support vehicle are also provided.  15-19 July / 29 July-2 August / 26-30 August / 24-28 September. Please contact so the team can recommend an appropriate package.

Highland Scramble Moto Camp: For more intrepid guests preferring to sleep under canvas, Bikerbnb’s Moto Camp features two nights in wigwams and three nights in bell tents at a remote loch outside of Inverness. The team will follow the weather and recommend amazing riding that prominently features Scotland’s rugged and desolate west coast.  After each ride, guests can relax by fishing, exploring nearby dirt tracks or enjoy a beer or whisky tasting.  24-28 June / 1-5 July. Please contact so the team can recommend an appropriate package.

Highland Scramble Lassies Edition: Our first-ever ladies-only ride is a specially curated, five-night adventure designed and led by the female riders behind Bikerbnb. This event will also feature epic riding, fun and comfortable accommodation and the best locally-sourced food and refreshments. 8-12 September. Please contact so the team can recommend an appropriate package.

Royal Enfield Owners Club Traverse: A special ride designed just for Royal Enfield Owners Club members. In mid-August, we will travel north into the Highlands spending five nights in motorcycle-friendly accommodation and explore almost the entirety of Scotland from Edinburgh to John O’Groats and back. 12-16 August. Please contact so the team can recommend an appropriate package.

Hire a Royal Enfield from Bikerbnb today

Bikerbnb has also just opened its first headquarters in downtown Edinburgh to support the Highland Scramble and it’s growing hire programme. From Edinburgh, bikerbnb riders can hire a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 or Himalayan and head north to the Highlands. The team has partnered with brands like Belstaff and Quad Lock to provide high-quality apparel and motorcycle navigation accessories to ensure the comfort and safety of their customers even in the most challenging conditions.

Remarks from Royal Enfield and Bikerbnb

Says George Cheeseman, Country Manager UK – Royal Enfield, “We are delighted to be partnering with the team at Bikerbnb to offer customers the opportunity to access their amazing adventures on our brilliantly versatile Himalayans and Interceptors.  Our motorcycles are renowned for the robust build quality and ease of riding, meaning that these incredible journeys can be accessible to every rider, no matter what their experience level.  Bikerbnb and Royal Enfield are natural partners given their shared passion for promoting a biking philosophy that prizes the experience above all else.

We love Bikerbnb’s Highland Scramble product; the ideal opportunity to showcase our motorcycles in their element, in the great outdoors whilst riders have a once in a lifetime adventure in the company of like-minded travellers.  Here at Royal Enfield, we’re all about getting people onto their bikes so they can have epic adventures and create incredible memories, and so we have been building our network of Experience Partners across the UK to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for riders to do just that.”

Says Stephen Erbrick, Co-Founder and Programme Director – Bikerbnb, “We met with George and his team in Wales last summer during a Royal Enfield demonstration day at Baffle Haus. We were immediately impressed by the Interceptor 650 and the agile Himalayan and realised how a partnership with Royal Enfield could complement the Highland Scramble and our growing rental fleet. We love how Royal Enfield offers accessible, reliable and customisable motorbikes all over the world.

The build quality is top-notch and we are excited to work with George and his team this season to help grow our fleet to serve a diverse audience of riders. Looking ahead, we are excited to encourage collaboration among major brands like Royal Enfield and provide an opportunity for the Royal Enfield Owner’s Club to join a specially curated adventure in August. We can’t wait to ride the custom scramblers and see the hard work from the UK Technology Centre team in Leicester pay off on the backroads in Scotland. We can’t wait to ride with Royal Enfield this summer!”   


About Bikerbnb and The Highland Scramble:

Bikerbnb was founded by a family of motorcycle enthusiasts in the Scottish Highlands. During an annual motorcycle trip, bikerbnb’s Founders discovered that existing booking platforms ignored the unique requirements of motorcyclists. For instance, riders need safe facilities to secure their valuable motorbikes and a place to store and dry wet gear. They also want tools to plan the ride and instantly communicate and book accommodation with biker-friendly hosts. Recognising these unmet needs for riders not just in the UK but around the world, bikerbnb was founded to help motorcyclists more easily and safely explore some of the world’s best riding destinations. Bikerbnb aims to be the world’s largest booking and event platform that features properties that only offer secure parking, drying facilities and access to unique accommodations so riders can plan, book and ride easier, cheaper and faster and relax at trustworthy accommodations. 

Bikerbnb has been trading since late 2018 and has already spread to six countries, despite the travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19. The team is currently perfecting its product-market fit in the UK and is building extensible software to enable the platform to enter warmer and larger markets around the world. We have brokered strategic partnerships with major brands and manufactures like Royal Enfield, Belstaff, Quad Lock, BrewDog and Big Green Egg Lock to increase brand awareness and grow our popular ‘Highland Scramble’ adventure experiences. Today, bikerbnb is growing quickly through its Highland Scramble event series and rentals while building the next iteration of its booking platform based on customer feedback. Our aspiration is that the Highland Scramble will serve as the springboard for global scale, awareness and growth for bikerbnb over the next three years.

For more information about Royal Enfield please visit:

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Bikerbnb Instagram –

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Stephen Erbrick – Director, Bikerbnb & The Highland Scramble Limited / 07471815262

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