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Information about bikerbnb


What is bikerbnb?

Created by bikers for bikers, bikerbnb is an online booking platform designed to help connect exploring riders with motor-cycle friendly accommodation. Our mission is to ease the motorcyclist's journey by giving them that comfort of feeling like they have a home away from home while travelling the open road.

The idea:

Motorbikes are more than just a passion, they are a way of life. That’s the thinking behind our product. We want to connect bikers from all around the world with the best routes to ride the open road and motor cycle friendly accommodation.

The benefits:

bikerbnb is not only about a place to stay for the night, it's about connecting motorcycle enthusiasts with hosts who can offer riders bike security, drying facilities, access to basic tools and equipment, but more importantly an experience they will never forget. Guests will have access to everything they need for a comfortable night's sleep after a long day riding while our hosts will get to meet motorcyclists from across the globe and expand their networking community.

What makes accommodation biker-friendly?

There are a number of requirements a property must meet to become an official host as our platform is founded on the importance of Not because we are picky, but because we value what is extremely important for traveling bikers on their journey.

Security :

Bike security is a key factor for riders when choosing accommodation. Not only are motorcycles expensive but for most bikers, it's a part of their livelihood therefore one of their most prized possessions. The best security for a bike is indoors in a secure garage or off street parking area in a private area.

Drying and cleaning facilities:

Wind, rain or shine, whatever the weather conditions, a bike ride becomes a messy affair. Bikers need somewhere they can dry off, clean themselves and road grime off of their gear.

Route access:

Aside from the accommodation part, one of the key aspects of a bikerbnb accommodation, is its location for riders to explore. We want our hosts to know their local area and be able to recommend a scenic route for our bikers or at least be able to point them in the direction to complete their journey.

The range of properties already listed:

So far we have a range of properties already listed on the site from already established B&Bs and guest houses to family homes. Some of our hosts are looking to increase business at their already established properties via our site while others simply have a spare room and the correct facilities and are looking to join other motorcycle enthusiasts in the community. 


We offer a wide variety of accommodation with a large range of different types of rentals with a different levels of pricing. For new hosts looking list their room, cottage, pod ... we charge an 8-12% commission for each booking.