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We are a family run Hotel. We are on the door step of the Border loop

The B709 from Selkirk to Langholm, via Eskdalemuir, is certainly a rural road. Its tight narrow twists and turns through the Ettrick Valley will keep you alert. Stop of at the Samye Link Buddist Centre near Eskdalemuir - the first Buddist Centre to appear in the west - it is a huge surprise to come across this in rural Scotland. As you continue on to Langholm the road opens up into an open hill moorland route with sheep crossing the road. Langholm is a good place to stop for a quick bite. After Langholm you could turn north and have a blast up the A7 - a great open A-Road with plenty straights - although has been fairly well policed recently. Continue east towards Newcastleton - across the moors to a near forgotten village which has a great biker friendly hotel and pub - brilliant!

Take the B6357 to Bonchester Bridge - watch out for the left hander across the Bridge - its tighter than you think. Continue upto Jedburgh which offers another stop off. Get onto the A68 - a belter of a biking road - to St Boswells - turn onto the A699 - another cracking fast paced road towards Selkirk. Try this route in the Scottish Borders - a biking nirvana which is often over looked !

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